Techcrunch and Search Engine Land are covering the release of Mahalo.

Mahalo, the expected people-powered search engine backed by Jason Calacanis, has now gone live in an early “Alpha” test release. In Mahalo, human editors have crafted shows up in the top search results for popular queries.

For example, search for [paris hotels], and human editors at Mahalo have assembled a page that lists actual hotels in Paris rather than hotel aggregation/booking sites that you see at Google.

I’m skeptical of hand tuned search engines but we’re clearly seeing more activity in this space. Hm… I wonder if Mahalo should be using Spinn3r

We’re working on a big new and shiny release btw… going to grab dinner now but I’ll try to blog something about it tonight.

  1. Anonymous

    I try to ignore that whole situation.
    helps me sleep at night.

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