Kid Shoots Huge Wild Boar

Check out this huge wild boar that this kid shot:


This reminds me of the Boar God Nago that Ashitaka killed in the beginning of Princess Mononoke.

If you haven’t seen this movie you should add it to your Netflix queue. One of my favorites and certainly happier than Grave of Fireflies (another classic)


 Update: Apparently it was FARM RAISED !!!!!!!!

  1. “It’s a good accomplishment. I probably won’t ever kill anything else that big”

    That’s just great.

  2. Demo

    Die! Bastard hunter

  3. 8amjava

    The photo is a fake. I photoshop for a living…this isn’t even a good fake.


  4. Matt

    i saw it on the news, he was still running that thing is a monster

  5. this has to be fake

  6. i bet that hoggg smells like buttt!

  7. tim rizzo

    omg that thing’s a beast, even though i’ve seen people that big. that’s still monsterous. it’s like a miniature picture of Fat Joe.. Chea!

  8. deandre

    dude you got guts, if i was in the woods and saw that monster id piss in my pants

  9. butterflyhollow

    It’s real. It’s been in all the local newspapers. There were too many witnesses, including the taxidermist and alot of people down here got some sausage out of it. This is not the first one though. Google Hogzilla.

  10. It’s fake. The kid is not standing over the pig. He’s about 7 feet behind it.

  11. Philippo76

    The photo is real – the kid is just sat a bit further back. Why do red necks insist on killing anything out of the ordinary?

  12. Phillipo76: yes, the photo is real, but the kid is further back, posed with his arms as if they are resting on the hog’s back to make it look like the hog is much bigger than it really is. That’s deception.

  13. Dylan

    WOW! I didn’t think of that! He does look like hes standing really far back! Good eye phillipo76!

  14. Turns out the pig was someone’s pet and they sold it to the hunting ground just four days earlier. A man bought it for his wife’s Christmas present in 2004 when the pig was only six weeks old. It got so big that they said “it became a nuisance and scared the neighbors.”

    It’s a shame that a kid can stalk a defenseless animal that isn’t scared of humans, shoot it eight times with a handgun before finishing it off at point-blank range, all under the watchful eye of his father and two guides. All this and he gets celebrated and paraded around on television like some hero.

    Ever wonder why an 11 year old was carrying a gun anyway?

  15. Cody

    Hogzilla was a fake… was proven to be photoshopped……I dont know about this one.

  16. Sam

    Right , i beleive that the pic is real but he aint standin next to it hes standin way back to make it look bigger – and how could that fat little shit of a boy have ran 6 miles through the jungle to kill that thing – waste of that poor animals life

    The boy who killed its a nob and a fat shit!

  17. pig_killer

    wow.. all you kind hearted hunter haters. Wishing death on people for killing a PIG. Demo is an evil person to wish death on an 11 year old boy.

    If we’re not supposed to kill and eat animals, then why are they made out of meat? Meat in an instinct, vegetarianism is a choice. Moron bigots.

  18. omniovore

    Unbelievable. To hate a hunter is to hate being a human. (Creationists, this won’t apply to you.)

    It’s well documented that the primary boost in the evolution of the human brain happened via animal proteins. Without this, we’d still be hanging from trees gnawing on leaves and such. So, the hunters (of hunter-gatherer fame) in our evolutionary history gave each and every one of you a couple things relevant to this discussion:

    1) The *capacity* to hate those who hunt, because they hunt.
    ..and ironically
    2) The *capacity* to choose to not eat meat.

    Now, you can all go sit in your comfortable modern homes (brought to you by human evolution) for a little while and cry about what hypocrites you are.

    (FTR, I’m not a hunter or gun owner, and never plan on being either.. this is common sense, folks.)

  19. omniovore……

    I think they hate the fact the it was farm raised.

    Killing farm raised animals isn’t hunting… it’s just slaughter. There’s no sport here.

  20. …. and I should note that I was an avid fisherman in my youth.

    I hated fishing for stocked trout.

  21. bwoot

    WTF why is it so big! us their a scientific explaination o this its crazy

  22. FrontPage

    missing the point, people. the whole thing is slaughter. hunters wouldn’t chase down a farm-raised animal and shoot it, pretending it was sport. the animal knew people, and was used to people. yet they penned it up and tracked it down. if anyone can sit there and tell us that there’s sport to this, let alone a sense of dignity. . . is this what people are teaching their children these days? and to do this with a .50 caliber handgun?

    The “wild pig’s” name was actually Fred. It was big because it was treated well.

  23. Anonymous

    “It’s well documented that the primary boost in the evolution of the human brain happened via animal proteins.”

    Yea, they’ve been feeding apes meat and the apes grow human sized brains.

    It’s documented where? In cave drawings? By whom? Pilt Down Man? I’ve been reading all about how bacteria evolve to become resistant to antibiotics. Some eat meat and grow bigger brains to. That’s well documented to.

    OK, maybe the bacteria don’t grow bigger brains because of a diet of animal proteins. How many billions of generations of certain bacteria have been studied and how many evolved into something other than bacteria? Funny ow that works. Suppose the antibiotics were removed from their environment? Care to lay odds as to whether they revert back?

    Or how about the classic subject of genetics the fruit fly? Millions of generations of an animal which mutates quite readily, except they only ever develop the same kinds of mutations. Maybe scientists should try force feeding them steak for dinner. Make their brains get bigger.

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