Lightning Destroys Statue of Jesus

200705231614More proof that either god doesn’t exist or he’s kind of a jerk.

Don’t look for any religious symbolism here – it was only a freak act of Mother Nature, says Sister Ilaria.

The nuns at Mother Cabrini Shrine in Golden were thanking God on Sunday that no one was hurt when a bolt of lightning shot out of the sky and struck their 33-foot statue of Jesus.

The lightning bolt broke off one of Jesus’ arms and a hand and damaged one of his feet, sending marble plummeting to the ground during a Saturday afternoon storm.

  1. My only question is, why is something like this considered a “freak act of Mother Nature” when it does something that would could be said to have a symbolically important and serious message, but when it’s something silly like water fm the eyes of statue, it’s revered as God’s word telling us he exists? Just another question whose answer I’ll never know :)

  2. Because you have to BELIEVE…. it’s God testing your faith.

    Isn’t magical thinking fun?!

  3. PlagueWatcher

    how can we stop the murderous bigoted zombie worshipers from turning our nation into a backwater bigoted religious autocracy.
    reason is out, they “don’t DO reason”

  4. Deege

    … it’s just a lightning bolt hitting a statue. There’s no significance to it. If statues and such were important to christianity it might mean something, but statues aren’t.

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