OpenJDK – Open Source Java is HERE

Wow. I’ve seriously been waiting for this moment for about a decade.

The JDK is now available via subversion and binaries are available as well. I’m downloading source snapshots as I write this blog post.

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. JAVAONE CONFERENCE, May 8, 2007 Sun Microsystems, Inc., (NASDAQ: SUNW), today announced the release of a fully buildable Java Development Kit (JDK) version for Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE) to the OpenJDK Community as free software under the GNU General Public License version two (GPLv2). In addition, Sun announced the Interim Governing Board for the OpenJDK community. Sun also announced that OpenJDK-based implementations can use the Java SE 6 Technical Compatibility Kit (JCK) to establish compatibility with the Java SE 6 specification.

We’re probably going to standardize on this OpenJDK moving forward and probably build it from source on all our boxes. Believe it or not we’re still using JDK 1.4.2 (which is rock solid). This is the LAST piece of proprietary software that is required for my use as a software developer.

This also means that we can expect a Debian apt-get installable version of Java soon I would suspect. Expect the java 2d stuff ripped out but I’m more than fine with that.

Nice to see Doug Lea on the interim governing board.

Hip hip horray! Sun rules!

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