Yahoo Pig and Open Source

200705041638It looks like Yahoo Pig is Open Source and written in Java. I think I’m going to spend the weekend reviewing the Hadoop and Pig source code.

The highest abstraction layer in Pig is a query language interface, whereby users express data analysis tasks as queries, in the style of SQL or Relational Algebra. Queries articulate data analysis tasks in terms of set-oriented transformations, e.g. apply a function to every record in a set, or group records according to some criterion and apply a function to each group. Set-oriented transformations are inherently amenable to parallel evaluation, because the processing logic for each record (or group of records) is self-contained, and the order in which outputs are produced is immaterial. The layers between the query interface and the raw cluster hardware are responsible for planning and executing efficient parallel evaluation strategies for queries. In designing these intermediate layers, we focus on re-use of derived data, joint evaluation of multiple (sub) queries, and intelligent data placement and replication strategies.

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