Unofficial PBS Frontline Video Podcast

200704291811I’m a big fan of Frontline which just has to be said is one of the best sources of political documentary in the US.

A few months ago, I noticed that they put News War up for download. You could watch it online but you couldn’t really play it fullscreen (without hacking it) and you certainly couldn’t watch it on your ipod or find out when they publish future documentaries.

This afternoon I solved all these problems by hacking together an unofficial video podcast feed for Frontline. Just add the podcast to iTunes and you can watch the video full screen, use your apple remote, watch them on your ipod – it’s Frontline utopia.

Thanks to Niall who was nice enough to suggest feed changes such as adding Frontline’s copyright text and image.

  1. James

    Would you be able to give a short explanation of how you created the feed? I’m always interested in seeing how people hack these things together.

  2. sam

    freaking genius

  3. Michael Bishop

    I LOVE you for this. Thank you!

    Are you also a fan of Bill Moyer’s Journal? I’d lovet o be able to subscribe to that as well.

  4. idyllicchick

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  5. that is really great. thanks.

    michael: there is already an audio podcast for bill moyers journal, which you can subscribe to for free from the itunes store.

  6. This is great, thank you!

  7. uncle blue

    Sorry.Very interested, but i cant figure out how to make this work for me. What do i have to do to subscribe?

  8. john

    wow, i just realized that this is for ALL of frontline. THANK YOU

    I hope they don’t mind– really they should have this available themselves. i mean why not? they are giving it away anyway… sure, plaster the pbs logo all over the video. hell, include an ADM commercial in the beginning too.

    anyway, thanks!

  9. Thanks so much for this! I have no idea why TV networks don’t make all of their programming available for straight downloading. I love listening to shows like Frontline on the way to work, or at the supermarket, or wherever. Thanks again!

  10. Joe

    This is great. Remind me, why do I have a tv? I’m drawing a blank here.

  11. uncle blue…

    Click on the link, change the “subscribe to” to choose application.
    Change the application to Itunes.

    Hit subscribe.

    Itunes will open up and do the rest.

    This is great!

  1. 1 Boing Boing

    Unofficial video podcast of PBS Frontline domestic spying doc

    Kevin Burton says, I created an unofficial video podcast feed for PBS Frontline which includes “Spying on the Home Front” which BoingBoing readers can use to sync with their iPod or watch on their Apple TV, which is here: Link. Previously on BB:Spying …

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