JProfiler 5.0 Released

The JProfiler guys have released version 5.0 which looks really sweet.

The recent version of Java supports a new feature to dump the heap to a file on core dump. This version of JProfiler can import these heap dumps into their heap walker.

It also supports a new trigger concept so you can perform actions on method invocation such as log the parameters, or take a heap snapshot at runtime.

I normally write pretty tight code. About every six months or so I usually put the entire VM I’m working with (in this case Tailrank) through a profiler for about an hour.

We were able to seriously tighten up some code last time around thanks to JProfiler. It just plain works. It doesn’t crash. It’s fast The visualizations are also useful and very usable.

  1. Yep, we do the same thing, and we use JProfiler as well. It’s always surprising what stupid things sneak into the codebase between profiling sessions.

    I’ll probably wait for 5.0.1, though.

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