Splog’s in Zawodny’s Link Blog

I subscribe to Zawodny’s link blog in my aggregator. I have a lot of link blogs from smart people as it’s a cool way to find random but relevant information.

Today I notice this:

Desktop Tower Defense illustrates that you don’t need fancy graphics or big budgets to build highly addictive online games. In Desktop Tower Defence, all of the main graphics are hand drawn.I first discovered this on Jeremy Zawodny’s blog, where he warned “The lack of posting here in the second half of this week (especially to my linkblog) has been a direct result of attempting to beat this highly addictive game.

I sware I read that before….

Oh. That’s right. That’s because the content was stolen from Techcrunch.

So I assume Jeremy Google’d for desktop tower defense and found this splog and didn’t read the Techcrunch article on the post and accidentally gave the guy some pagerank.

You selling links again Jeremy?

  1. Ugh. Somehow I didn’t notice that was a spam blog.


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