ZipCar is Pure^H^H^H^SORTA Evil

My love affair with ZipCar is over. They’re evil.

I just received a ‘bill’ for $500 on $1671 worth of damage they say I caused to one of their cars.

Here’s the fundamental problem. The car looks like it was side swiped. I parked the car and left it and it was side swiped hours later – this certainly isn’t my fault nor should I have to pay $500.

This the only thing I think could have happened. Jonathan was with me at the time and when we left the car was perfectly fine. At least I have a witness.

I’ve only been using ZipCar for a month and then this happened.

Of course “At this point we consider this matter closed” so I guess that’s it. Judge, jury, and executioner. I don’t have any way to defend myself as they’ve already found me guilty.

I appreciate their problem. When you check in a car there’s no way of knowing if the damage was done before or after the reservation. However, this isn’t my problem – it’s theirs.

I’ll probably have to end up taking them to small claims court. Time to cancel my ZipCar account. I suggest you do the same.

During our investigation, it was discovered that there was in fact damage to the Zipcar that occurred during your reservation. To allow you to view and understand the scope of this damage, we have included links in this e-mail. This link will provide a photo of the damage. A fair estimate detailing the costs associated with this necessary repair has been received for the amount of $1671.71. Please review these documents carefully, as they serve as a fact basis for charging you up to $500.00 to reimburse Zipcar for the cost of the repairs for this vehicle. This deductible is listed in the Membership Agreement that you acknowledged to abide by at the birth of your membership. At this point we consider this matter closed. We appreciate your patience in this matter as we continue our mission to provide the best service possible for you, and for your fellow Zipsters. Thank you for your time, and thank you for being a Zipcar member.



ZipCar support says that the case is still open even though the email says that the matter was closed.

I’m really lucky to have had Jonathan with me at the time. I think it might make sense to buy a digital camera if you use one of these services so that you can document that the car was in perfect condition when you returned it.

Granted you could photoshop the pictures … I just can’t think of a better solution.

Update 2:

Now apparently I’m NOT responsible for the damage.

We reviewed your contested damage charge and have determined that you will not be held responsible for the damage in question.

The pictured damage was reported by the member directly after you, but because it was not reported at the beginning of their reservation, you have no financial responsibility for the repair.

Gee. Thanks for scaring the hell out of me guys!

Of course the guy AFTER me is responsible for the damage and could still be held accountable even if he didn’t cause it.

I think I might still use Zipcar but by a camera so that I can document the before and after shots of the car.

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