SUN: Please Give Apache Access to the Java Technology Compatibility Kit

Geir Magnusson has written SUN an open letter requesting that they give the ASF access to the Java TCK. The TCK is what allows Java VM developers to create new libraries that are compatible with existing applications.

Besides holding back the Harmony project – a community-led open source project of the ASF since May of 2005 – this failure to comply with your contractual obligations poses serious risk to the credibility of the JCP as an open standards organization, and the reputation of Java itself as an open technology. We believe that this also threatens the general cooperative nature of the commercial Java ecosystem, puts at risk the long-standing positive relationship between Sun and the ASF, and probably between Sun and the broader open source community – all of which is key to the continued growth of Java.

SUN needs to do the right thing here. They either support OSS or they don’t.

SUN is getting better with OpenSolaris and now planning on OSSing Java. They just need to fish or cut bait.

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