House Destroyed Via Craigslist – Maybe Buy Her a New One?

It appears that someone posted the address of a house on Craigslist and invited the public to vandalize it:

TACOMA, Wash. – Someone with cruel intentions placed a fake ad on Craigslist, inviting people to take whatever they wanted for free from a Tacoma home.

Homeowner Laurie Raye says there’s little left now of the house. The outside of the home is trashed, the inside is nearly gutted and covered in graffiti. Raye says she is devastated.

“I was attached to this home because it used to be my mom’s,” says Raye.

If Craigslist didn’t leave millions of dollars on the table every year they could afford to buy her a new house.

I still think this is highly immoral for Craigslist to insist on shredding that money instead of using it to help people.

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