Here Comes the Singularity

Because of this I won’t be able to sleep tonight:

What the team has done is add evolution to hardware (Norwegian), all hardware that you and I have used so far is made the creationism way, it’s made and can not be changed at runtime through evolution. All changes to existing hardware have to be made through software.

What their hardware does is par up “genes” in the hardware to find the hardware design that is the most effective to accomplish the tasks at hand. Just like in the real world it can take 20 to 30 thousand generations before the system finds the perfect design to solve the problem, but this will happen in just a few seconds compared to the 8-900.000 years it took humans to go through the same number of generations.

Their quote about hardware made through creationism is just wrong. Humans are a product of evolution and computers are our creation. They’re just the first step in faster iterations among evolutionary jumps.

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