The Quest for the Perfect Dress Shirt

200703250149Witness the perfect dress shirt.

I bough this shirt 6 months ago and really love it. The material is simply amazing. It’s 97% polyester and 3% spandex.

It’s made by 7diamonds but for some reason they’ve stopped selling it. I think I might actually buy a couple and keep it safely in storage in case something happens to my precious.

Cotton just seems vastly inferior in comparison. After a couple hours the shirt is totally useless. You go into work and then if you have a date later in the evening you have to run home and change.

I’ve heard that silk has similar properties but I can’t find a decent silk dress shirt either. It can’t be a matter of pricing. Polyester and spandex can’t be that expensive to manufacture.

I’m not the only one feels this way. I’ve bumped into half a dozen other guys who own this shirt and we all seem to agree that it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

I really need to figure out what’s going on here.

  1. Know what happens with good shirts? They last forever.

    Really, no better example of “buy cheap, get cheap”. One time, doing sound for my favorite Vancouver band’s New Years gig I invested some serious leg time hunting down /my/ shirt. Found it, too. That thing lasted for over a decade and just got better looking!

  2. Jazzpants

    Yup! There’s a time and a place to get a good decent shirt and drop the extra $ and this is one of them… especially, of course, if you want to “dress to impress.” ;-)

    I still have a couple of outfits that lasted me over 10 years. I still wear them regularly! I also have a couple of pairs of jazz pants that has lasted me at least 8 years and counting. Still do my heavy duty active stuff in them too!

    FYI: Cotton by itself tends not to last that long, but a cotton/lycra blend will help it last longer b/c the lycra helps the fabric to fit your form better. Cotton is really NOT made to stretch.

  3. Ted

    A polyester/spandex shirt will never be as good as a fine cotton shirt. A fine, well made cotton shirt will not wrinkle too much during everyday wear, and will always look better then a polyester shirt.

  4. You can get measured in the city. The shirts look great, but take forever. High quality cotton wears well.

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