Dear SuperGlu, Please Send Tailrank a Cease and Desist

Hey James Phelps and anyone else over at SuperGlu.

Please send us a Cease and Desist notice. We would LOVE the free publicity.

Tailrank has a number of UI items in common with SuperGlu:

The overall layout and functionality of your yget template is similar in look and feel to SuperGu’s software. First, the location and shapes of the vote box are substantially similar with only a minor variation of inverting the chevron between the vote option and total vote tabulator, Second, the navigation tabs along the top of your yget template, “Published,” “Unpublished” and “Submit a new story” are identical. Third, the left side vertical menu on SuperGu has only been shifted to the right side. Fourth, the “Search” field is in the same location as SuperGu. Fifth, the “sort” feature located underneath the search field is in the same location as SuperGu despite the utilization of different words to achieve the same meaning to the user. Sixth, the “RSS” button (top right) next to “sort” and underneath “search” is similar to SuperGu’s RSS icon.

Oh man. We have the RSS logo, the search button. Send that C&D my way fella!

  1. Yeah, me too. ;)

    I think it was SuperGu, which was some kind of digg-clone, not SuperGlu.

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