Pay Per Spam – Spam

Matt is right.

Perhaps rather than trying to find better ways to hide from Google, they should just stop the questionable behaviour in the first place. This is one of the reasons we took an early stance by banning PPP on, and other blog hosts should do the same.

The comments on this post make my head spin.

But get this:

Many of the bloggers here have real value in their blogs, but there is a growing trend of what I call “PPP spammers” and they are registering multiple blogs with the sole purpose of making money.

Are spammers complaining about other spammers spamming and making money? Pot, kettle, black my friend!

So what if they’re black hat when you’re dark, dark grey.

For the record we’ve been blocking PPS blogs left and right. It’s a REAL shame to have someone spend a year to build up their blog only to have it blocked because they decide to become a spammer.

  1. Hey Kevin, I think your second link was meant to link here:

    That’s the post Matt referred to where Ted is hammering on the value of disclosure and transparency for PayPerPost marketplace participants.

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