MySpace – Doing Everything Wrong

So lets see.

They start with Windows. Stupid. Coldfusion. Stupid. MS SQL. Stupid. Of course they had a version running on Apache, MySQL, and PERL but ditched it. Stupid.

Fortunately they were growing at a rapid enough rate and had the cash to fix the problems.

Let’s learn from history here people.

  1. Gen

    “We made a lot of mistakes,” Benedetto says. “But in the end, I think we ended up doing more right than we did wrong.”

    I think it’s clear that MySpace is successful in spite of it’s architecture, certainly not because of it.

  2. Have you ever spent time putting LiveJournal through it’s paces? Definitely !stupid … and it just keeps getting better. Really. I mean, I won’t even start with the superlatives.

    The MySpace account I started way way back … it’s gathered dust. I get spam friend request, the style system sucks … actually pretty much everything related to usability sucks. (Gawd, what’s with the way google is kicking blogspot around? Some of us just want to /blog/! Windows that don’t size properly, having to login repeatedly … dumb stuff. Makes me wonder if they’re not running short on good design or QA people.)

    Which goes to show ?what? that “lowest common denominator” is an existential actuality. PT Barnum was spot on.

    stay well

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