Tailrank and the San Francisco Wireless Office in the Chronicle

Dan Fost wrote a great piece in the Chronicle about the San Francisco wireless beduin flashmob:

A new breed of worker, fueled by caffeine and using the tools of modern technology, is flourishing in the coffeehouses of San Francisco. Roaming from cafe to cafe and borrowing a name from the nomadic Arabs who wandered freely in the desert, they’ve come to be known as “bedouins.”

Burton arrives at 11 a.m., and his lead engineer, Jonathan Moore, 30, arrives a few minutes later. Burton has a double latte and a cupcake, and starts explaining how his site uses “wisdom of the crowds” algorithms to scrape the hottest news from the blogosphere and upend the mainstream media.

As he talks, Gallagher joins in, and advises, “Lower your voice. I already know the ins and outs of your business plan from the last time I was here.”

Check out the flash coverage as well. Pretty slick and innovative for mainstream media!

Jonathan (foreground) joined the company about a month ago. We’ve both been really heads down working on some cool stuff (stay tuned).


  1. Yo Gallagher, don’t harsh on the Burtonator, he’s passionate and on a mission :)

    Kevin, you gotta keep out of the limelight otherwise our cozy coffehouses are gonna start getting overrun by the wannabes. Already I’m having a hard time finding a table at the one on Lincoln (name withheld to protect the innocent cafe :). Fortunately, the other one by Ritual Roasters is still a sure fire bet ;)

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