What’s your Server OS?

Royal Pingdom has a decent site architecture breakdown post.

They made one major mistake though. Why in the world would you interview any site that has less than ten servers? They’ve clearly never had to deal with any scaling issues. Adding more memory to a box doesn’t count.

I’ve blogged about this before but the vast majority of Web 2.0 sites run Linux and probably Debian.

  1. Actually, I’d bet on more running FC/RHEL type stuff than Debian… but If I was to start one today, I’d vote for FreeBSD or Ubuntu myself :-)

    And.. To be honest, the PDF… sucked. It didn’t really tell me anything interesting, and the sites they interviewed are not the ones that matter (With perhaps the exception of Meeboo)

  2. Yeah…. I agree they interviewed the wrong sites.

    I was trying to be nice.

    I seriously don’t think RHEL would show up on sites with more than say 5 machines. It’s just too hard to manage at scale. All the sites I talk to use Debian.

  3. w/ kickstart + yum + a few scripts RHEL on hundreds of machines is manageable, but definitely not my first choice :-)

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