Blog CMS Generator Breakdown

We enabled a feature in our crawler to record the ‘generator’ meta tag to get a rough idea of real world CMS deployment.

This is based on a sample of 50k weblogs with generators. This isn’t across our entire weblog index as the crawler is still executing.

There’s one major disclaimer here. A good percentage of weblogs probably don’t have a generator specified. Often when people change their default template they drop the generator meta tag.

Also, while WordPress seems to be doing very well here compared to Typepad, Six Apart gets about $20 per month per Typepad account. I’d rather be in Typepad’s shoes! :-)

I also think Moveable Type’s numbers are probably depressed a bit since it’s really easy to hack your template and potentially remove your generator field.


  1. Kevin,

    While you’re correct that people can remove the generator element; you can do it in all of them. It isn’t any harder to do it in WordPress than it is in Moveable Type.

    The other thing I suppose that is worth considering is that of the ones you’ve sampled, you can only report on the ones that have the element. So unless one particular group of users are more inclined to remove the generator than the others; it’ll still represent a reasonable cross section of who is using what at the moment.



  2. The highest priced Typepad subscription is about $15 per month.

    See here:

  3. Nice to see someone finally putting some public data out there.

  4. Hey Kevin, two things:

    1) Movable Type and MT Enteprise will always be grossly underreported in comparisons like this because of the large number of installations on intranets. Since I’ve rejoined the consulting world, my experience has shown that about 90% of the blogs I’ve worked with are not publically accessible. Because of the nature of corporate communications, intranet installations tend to be much larger (in terms of number of blogs/authors and general activity) than public facing installs.

    2) I’d love to see where Vox falls in this comparison. It also surfaces a generator tag (“Vox”)

  5. I should also point out with regards to Alistair’s comment, pretty much every single company uses completely customized templates and the generator meta tag is the first thing to go. The same is true by the “Powered by” slug. It’s the nature of the game. This has a disproportionately negative effect on Movable Type and MT Enterprise due to its market share in the corporate world.

  6. Actually, I’m more curious about the really big services — do none of the biggest services (Spaces, Xanga, LiveJournal, MySpace) have Generator tags? I’d imagine the rest of this data set is unmeasurable if you folded all of those in.

  7. Hey Anil.

    Yeah. LiveJournal and Spaces for example don’t have generators.

    It’s easy to tell from the URL though so I’ll include these in the next report.

    Note that though that the numbers will be different because we only factor in influential blogs.


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