Keith Henson (Anti-Scientology Activist) Arrested in Arizona

Keith Henson has been arrested in Arizona. Keith has been living in Canada for the last few years fighting extradition for (get this) misdemeanor terrorism:

A Silicon Valley figure who fled the country after being convicted in part because of a Usenet joke about Tom Cruise and Scientology has been arrested in Arizona.

Keith Henson, an engineer, writer and futurist, was arrested Friday in Prescott, Ariz., where he has been living for the past few years, and now faces extradition to California. Henson originally fled to Canada after the 2001 conviction.

I met Keith a few years ago at the Hackers conference before he left to live in Canada. The Church of Scientology hired a bunch of heavy hitters to have portions of his usenet posts redacted so his comments were taken out of context.

Supporters have created a “Free Keith Henson” blog, posted a note from his wife, Arel Lucas, and are asking for donations to a legal defense fund. The fund was set up by members of the Extropy Institute, a nonprofit group that has been a gathering point for futurists and technologists since 1991.

Keith believes his sister was murdered by the CoS. Apparently she was found at the bottom of an electrical shaft in a CoS compound electrocuted to death. At the time she was leaving the CoS and trying to recruit others to leave as well. He explicitly noted that she would have had no idea what she was doing as she wasn’t an electrical engineer.

This was from his presentation at the conference a few years ago so I may have a few details incorrect.

One hundred dollars says I get a DMCA takedown notice for this post.

  1. “The Church of Scientology hired a bunch of heavy hitters to have portions of his usenet posts redacted so his comments were taken out of context.”

    What’s the source for this claim?

  2. Doug Elder

    It wasn’t his sister that died. It was Stacy Moxon-Meyer, daughter of CoS attorney Kendrick Moxon and a 20 year old minister/groundskeeper/maintenance tech at the CoS Gold Base compound, at which Keith Henson was protesting at the time. The official story on her death from local law enforcement was that it was an accident which occurred while she was cleaning the electrical vault of dead squirrels (that’s what I heard anyway). I have seen no IMO reliable evidence that she was trying to leave the CoS at the time, nor recruiting others to leave. Of course, as with most any death related to a Big Mysterious Organization, there are tons of rumors and speculation about it. As for Henson, well, he was only convicted on a minor charge but taking the route of fugitive may make things more difficult for him legally. Like many, I wish him the best of luck.

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