Exclusive: Future Technorati Product Releases

We have an exclusive here folks. Dave Sifry gave me a demo of a few Technorati products that are going to ship in the next few weeks.

Like WTF (Where’s the Fire) they’re planning on using three or four letter acronyms moving forward. Here’s a brief overview of what they’re up to:


Tantek’s Terrific Youtube Language.

It turns out that Tantek hates the way every website has a different form of video embeds. Instead of every site having their own custom video embed markup Tantek invented a new embed format that uses microformats. TTYL is proprietary to Technorati right now but they’re going to contribute it to microformats.org as hTTYL.


Link My Adsense Openly.

LMAO is a new way for Bloggers to earn money using Technorati. Basically you replace your RSS feed (which Technorati is currently indexing) with a feed full of Adsense. Then you tag every post with words like Viagra and so forth. Then when Technorati shows a search result your Adsense will replace items that would normally show up on Technorati and you get to keep the money.

I asked Dave if he was worried about spam. He said he trusted bloggers and that there was nothing to worry about. He’s probably right considering Technorati is 100% spam free.

Tantek was standing next to us and he recommend that bloggers can just use rel=”notspam” which would solve the problem permanently.


BRB stands for BRB Ranked Blogs.

It’s a recursive acronym! Get it? The only problem was that Dave never finished the demo as he had to run in the other room for a few minutes.


Reverse Tantek Forced Microformats

RTFM is a new way for Technorati to spread Microformats. They’re going to launch a virus attack on the whole Internet to replace broken blog templates with ones that use microformats.

Instead of waiting for everyone to take years to upgrade to the latest version of Wordpad or Typepress they will just exploit a bug in Windows Vista and automatically convert your template to the right version.

If you don’t like the change Technorati will offer you the ability to downgrade your template for $119.95.

  1. ROTFL!!!

    You mean he didn’t mention “Realtime Online Tags, Feeds, Links”? Oh wait…


  2. How long do we have to wait for TSST?

    (Tantek Style Sheets Template for microformat formatting…)

  3. Let me guess, it will all ship in 8 weeks and 3 days.

  4. “they’re planning on using three or four letter acronyms moving forward” I groaned at that joke, but the rest Kevin is brilliant!

  5. It will be great to see how these works in technorati.Lol they are funny and very catchy.I am sure they will get more hits

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