Dear Technorati…

Dear Technorati,

Stop adding new features. Make the existing features you’ve shipped actually work.


The Blogosphere

PS. Tailrank might be a Technorati competitor but I don’t think so. They’re only tangentially related. And we spend a lot of time making sure our features actually work. :)

  1. I’ve been a huge Technorati fanboy for ages but the problems just seem to be getting worse and worse.

    Last night I was trying to get the latest blog posts on TechCrunch20 and [a]had to wait for ages for the posts to appear [b]got some stupid error message about the monster escaping and then [c]got another stupid error message about the reason being too complicated to explain.

    I’ve used Google from almost the start – in all those years I have never seen their search broken like that.

    I hate to say it and I’m just repeating Scoble but for pure blog search (ignoring tags and all the other great Technorati stuff) Google is kicking their ass right now.

  2. I’m totally with you on this Kevin. I’ve been ‘trying’ to use Technorati for 18 months now and it’s always been painfully slow and inaccurate.

    I think that’s the problem with Web 2.0 that it’s become acceptable to just keep innovating, without making sure that existing services are fit for a proper launch rather than being in an eternal ‘beta’

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