Killing Google Personalized Search

I hate Google personalized search. First. I don’t like people collecting data about my search history. Second. If you copy a URL form Google and paste it into an email it’s a HUGE 800 character redirect URL.

It’s 2007 people! Stop using redirect URLs when you can use Ajax.

  1. Hey Kevin,

    I’ve actually been liking the personalized search results a lot. I’m surprised by the number of times that it puts something up at the top of the list that I wanted to see.

    But I can also understand your concerns. Have you tried using SearchMash? Same great results, none of the features/issues you’re concerned about…

  2. They don’t even need to use AJAX (I assume you mean a background XMLHttpRequest call). Just use the real URL for the href and put the redirect URL in the onclick handler.

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