I’ll Wait until 2008 for an iPhone

Lots of reviews on the iPhone but I think Paul nails it:

# The closed system. Is Apple serious that it won’t let third-party developers build software for the thing? If so, and put simply, the device will fail. A closed-box consumer electronics mentality will work in music players, but the future of mobile devices is as a platform, and that requires developers.
# The Cingular relationship. While every wireless carrier has its haters, Cingular has more than most (both for its service and for its Edge network). Tying up exclusively to Cingular forces some of the loudest among the digerati to wait for an unlocked iPhone before they can begin touting the device for Apple.
# Its vaporware status. The iPhone won’t ship until June, at the earliest. That is going to cause (more) volatility in Apple’s share price, as well as create oodles of market uncertainty. Why did Apple decide it had to announce so far in front of the ship date? My guess: Apple knows that something similar is coming from another vendor very soon.

I think the lack of 3G is due to Cingular’s lack of HSDPA support. Sad. Very sad.

I’ll stay with Sprint and get a decent Blackberry phone with EVDO.

Hopefully this will scare the hell out of Treo and Blackberry and they’ll actually start innovating again.

  1. Palmer

    serious observation!
    However that means i wont be able to sync it with zyb. it could have been lot easire then to leave one phone and use zyb backup to load the new phone book.

  2. I have a SideKick 3 that is absolutely great. It can even sort of be considered an Apple phone as the Danger hardware platform is from Woz’s company.

    I even have “push” email, configured by forwarding my domain accounts to gmail and then setting filter rules on them. The SK3 lets me reply as whoever I want and it all just works.

  3. Totally agree. I just switched to sprint for EVDO. Cingular/EDGE is reason enough to ignore it. The closed platform thing definitely irks me as a developer. I think that is a bad strategy, but time will tell. The PDA market is starting to look lik

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