Secondary Screening Again at SFO

I’m stuck in SFO because I missed my flight by about 30 minutes. Long story short – I got the flight time wrong. Not a big problem because I just need to kill 6 hours and then sleep on the flight to Baltimore.

This is the second time in a row I’ve been selected for secondary screening. No notification on my paperwork noting this issue other because I have a standby pass.

It might be that all standby passengers get secondary screening.

I also told the TSA screener that I didn’t want to take off my shoes as it was optional. He insisted if it was required. Time to Google that and see if he was lying.

A nice woman just came on the intercom and says ” … we need your help as we’re currently at TSA flight security level orange.” I feel like I’m in Blade Runner or something.

Update: It’s 2007 and SFO doesn’t have free wifi yet. Pathetic. Good thing I have my trusty EVDO!

  1. 1) Every time I buy a ticket within a few days of flying, I get jammed for secondary screening. (this happens about 10x/year to me)

    2) Same thing on stand-by flights.

    Pretty standard from my experience the past few year. Just gotta get to the airport a bit earlier! :)

  2. But the lounge of my trusted airline which I have status with has free internet (although not wifi, but wired.). And nice coffee ;)

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