Megite Resorting to Comment Spam for Advertising?

I was just reading the Touchstone blog when I noticed this comment:

Second, someone from Megite (or an automated bot) has commented on a post and declared that we should be congratulated because we are now part of the Megite index.

… then check out this comment (on a totally unrelated post):

We would like to inform you that your blog has now been added to the Megite index. We kindly invite you to explore Megite’s latest version at

Lame. Why is it that blog aggregation and search engine companies feel they have the right to spam? It’s just the height of arrogance and hypocrisy considering the #1 challenge with search companies right now is spam.

We recently had to block a few bloggers due to a PayPerPost spam campaign led by Sproose (a search engine).

Makes my head hurt.

  1. Kevin, we just give the bloggers a kind notice that their blogs are added into megite, so they don’t need to ask us to include. What is wrong with that? Definitely it is not spam. We don’t send to every blogger, only the bloggers we have discovered every day. Don’t think everybody is like you.

  2. Chris seems to agree that this is partially spam:

    “Update: Kevin posts about the Megite comment spam issue as well. He seems to agree this might be attention getting behavior that is a little over the mark as well. I think that if it was a personal message with a personal name or even a private note via email (our contact details are not hidden) it might be a better approach.”

    You could at LEAST get his name right :)

    Friendly advice man. Just don’t resort to spam. Not worth it.

  3. Megite can’t tolerate spam blogs, so megite does NOT or will NEVER resort spam. Crystal Clear!. Please don’t post your announcement on other’s new feature or product announcement, just like your video release on our video launch announcement at Techcrunch. This is a real spam.

  4. Sure Matthew… we’ll make sure Tailrank is never covered on Techcrunch again because this is spam. Sounds good.

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