Tailrank 2.1 – Now with Video Memetracker Support

Over the xmas break we pushed out a new release of Tailrank which includes a super cool and enhanced video memetracker.

You can see the new Tailrank video feature in the screenshot below:


There are a bunch of additional small changes here including the ability to view river of news and breaking posts per category. Here’s the tech breaking news page. All of these have RSS feeds of course.

We’re also working on some new super cool features which will be coming out in the following weeks so stay tuned.


More from NewTeeVee:

Megite and Tailrank are constantly nipping at each other’s heels, especially as far as press coverage goes. When Matthew Chen of Megite emailed us about their upcoming video tab, we asked Kevin Burton of Tailrank if he had anything in that category up his sleeve. Sure, he replied, video was near release. In fact, he’d push out a version tonight!

This was all really odd timing. I might add that our version of video memetracking is public while theirs is still in private beta.

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