New Toy – MacBook Pro

I guess I’ve been a good boy this year because Santa bought me a new MacBook Pro.

This machine blows my old Powerbook G4 out of the water.

Some quick thoughts:

Virtue Desktops is pretty slick. It supports stick windows so I can run mplayer on my laptop LCD while hacking on code in my 23″ cinema display.

iTerm seems to be moving forward. The old bookmark UI was much better

Aquamacs is pretty sweet. Works out of the box is a universal binary. Setting up Emacs took about an hour. Migrating from Linux to my first Powerbook took about two days so this is a pretty sigificant improvement.

Tailrank builds are amazingly fast. It’s nice to be on dual core. I can’t decide if it’s better to figure out how to use the second core or just let the CPU take up 100% on one core so that the other core is free to allow me to do other work.


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