Five Things People Don’t Know About Me

200612192219OK…. I got tagged. Seems harmless enough so let’s give this a try.

1. When I was 18 I almost joined the Marines because I wanted to fly a Harrier. My grandfather just told me to go to college and design them which is why I ended up in computers. I figure I’ll just buy a used Harrier in another 5 years or so :)

2. During the dot bomb I seriously considered moving to Japan and sitting in a Zen monastery for six months or until I was enlightened. Needless to say it didn’t happen. I’m waiting for the next dot bomb to seek nirvana.

3. I’m a cat person.

4. I used to own a modified 3rd gen RX 7 with about 300HP. Amazing car. The problem is I never drove it. I lived right across from work (one block) and then I ended up moving to SF. 2800 lbs and 300HP is a bit like sitting on a rocket.

5. I’m way too good at bass fishing. For a time I wanted to become a professional bass fisherman but fortunately I just fell out of it.

OK. Time to tag some people. Om. Pierre Wolff, and Susan (who’s doing a great job with her new blog).

  1. Stephen Pierzchala

    Forget the Harrier…go for a F-35 Lightning (

    Although the Harrier will likely be cheaper. Buy two, one for spare parts.

  2. I had no clue you were a car guy, very nice ride. You need to move to San Jose so you need a car to get to work..

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