Web Pro News on DMCA Censorship

Web Pro News has a good overview of the DMCA censorship issue that’s been making the rounds in the blogosphere.

In his misguided desire to become notorious, **** **** has become the preeminent villain of the blogosphere, the target of a lawsuit by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, a laughing stock, and a fascinating case study into blog-ethics, copyright law on the Internet, the tenets of Fair Use, the reach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and how its abuse can affect free speech.

It also becomes the diary of a madman.

****’s most recent tangle involved Rojo founder Kevin Burton, who claimed on his blog that SixApart was complicit to censorship after the blogging company received a DMCA takedown notice from **** demanding that a thumbnail image of himself from an appearance on Fox News be taken offline. **** argued his right to do so as the inherent copyright owner of the image (his face, e.g., his copyright).

Anyway. I’m going to pull a Voldemort on this guy (he who must not be named). He’s clearly just in this for the publicity so I’m just going to deny him the pleasure.

I also need to ping Six Apart on this issue as I want the original DMCA they sent off. They’ve since restore the image but I think he sent off a DMCA with different information that I haven’t yet seen.

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