Tailrank on the Scoble Show

200612081518I saw down with Robert Scoble about a week ago to talk about Tailrank for the Scoble Show:

Kevin Burton is a talented developer who has worked on a variety of startups already including Rojo, and now TailRank which he started to be able to see what bloggers were talking about. Here I sit down with him for an interesting conversation in the lobby of San Francisco’s Palace Hotel.

I think the interview turned out pretty well. The only mistake I made was that I left my cell phone on which is a slight problem. Luckily no one else called during the interview (sorry Robert).

I also gave a demo of Tailrank. Unfortunately, the realtime IM delivery feature actually worked right after they shutoff the camera. It was pretty amazing actually. Our crawler found a post on that topic right after I subscribed to the meme.

  1. Kevin,

    I think it was a fine piece. One note, however, to those in love with online video – the wave of the future. This type of content would be a lot more effective if there were better camera work and inserts of the screen. I know it is very unfashionable to say such things, but as a viewer, I would want to see the screen, what you have to offer. Instead, we have Robert’s wobble-cam view. Given how long ago the piece was recorded, I can’t imagine any real argument regarding time to publication as a benefit cutting in to production values.

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