Niall Pranks Microsoft

Niall Goatse’d Microsoft:

One Microsoft group received a rather harsh lesson in Creative Commons licensing today: For a while this morning, Microsoft’s RSS Team Blog featured a partially censored pornographic image, which has since been removed.

How did it get there in the first place? As the note at the bottom of the post now indicates, the blog originally contained a much more wholesome image that was being drawn from former Microsoft employee Niall Kennedy’s Flickr account. But when Kennedy saw that the blog was using that image without permission, he replaced the photo in his account with another one he found online, making that unsavory image appear smack in the middle of the Microsoft RSS blog.

I told him he should threaten to sue Microsoft for using his copyrighted work without permission. He could have probably made $5-10k out of the deal (especially since MS had used the work without negotiating a price).

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