IE 7.0 Beating Firefox 2.0 on Tailrank

Wow. Check this out. IE 7.0 (21%) is rapidly rising on Firefox 2.0 (4%)

This is good and bad. I’m a big Firefox fan but if IE 7.0 can gain market share at the expense of IE 6.0 then I’m all happy.

IE 6.0 is the new Netscape 4.7…



Here’s the snapshot from last month. Firefox is really starting to hurt in comparison. Looks like IE 7.0 is taking a good chunk from both IE 6.0 and Firefox 2.0.


Update 2: Tailrank traffic is really taking off so maybe this is just a reflection of Tailrank going mainstream (which is a good thing).

  1. That is messed up.. high IE7 and IE6. Doesn’t seem like there is too much at the expense of IE6.

  2. Josiah

    It occurs to me that it is quite possible that this skew in the demographics is due to more general usage patterns.

    To wit:
    In my experience those (like myself) who use Firefox are much more likely to read an RSS feed (again, like myself) as opposed to directly visiting the site in question.

    So, sure, a large percentage of those hitting your stat counter are using IE7, but what percentage of the people who read every one of your posts in an RSS reader, and thus aren’t counted, are using some other browser?

    Seemed like an interesting point-of-view on the data and I thought I’d share.


  3. Dan Murphy

    What you have to remember is IE7 is a required security update now, while Firefox is still something users have to choose to use.

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