Tailrank Meme Index Rate and the Holiday Season

Thought you guys might find this insteresting. This graph shows the rate of the number of stories we’re promoting to Tailrank per day.

Notice the nice normal cyclical flow with the troughs being weekends and the peaks being weekdays.

See the spike right in the middle? Those were the midterm elections.

See the gap at the end? That’s Thanksgiving. The little blip is Friday (where some people go back go work).

Other than that for the most part it’s a normal cyclical rate. I wouldn’t have expected so much stable behavior.

Notice that it’s rising again now that it’s Monday.

I’ll publish the same graph once we hit Christmas.


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    TailRank Info Porn

    Kevin over at TailRank has put up a graph showing the cyclical nature of story volume from TailRank’s POV. The graph shows the number of stories per day that TailRank ingests – that is to say, the number of threads

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