Buy Links and Get Kicked Off MSN Search

Nice. If you buy links you’ll get kicked off MSN search:

Your site is acquiring links through posting to or exchanging links with sites unrelated to your site content. Techniques which attempt to acquire unrelated spam links in order to increase ranking are considered spam and your site has been excluded from our index as results. Please contact us once you’ve removed these links and we will reevaluate.

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Awesome. We haven’t had to do this yet but if you buy or sell links we’ll kick you off Tailrank as well. Just wear a white hat and you’ll be fine!

Update: Link buying and other behavior can actually prevent you from being indexed by Tailrank in the first place.

  1. but if you buy or sell links we’ll kick you off Tailrank as well.

    Let’s hope that trend doesn’t catch on. Getting lots of spammy links all over the place is one thing, but in terms of selling.. advertising is important to keep many Web sites and communities alive, and if advertising is grounds to remove people from search engines and the like, only people with deep pockets will bother keeping their sites up.

  2. Hey Peter.

    Just to clarify I’m talking about people selling links with the intent to spam search engines.

    I’m all for bloggers making money with advertising.

  3. Anonymous


  1. 1 Connected Internet

    Buy Links And Get Kicked Off MSN Search

    I just read an article over at Feed Blog for the first time in ages that got me thinking.  Apparently MSN are booting sites that buy and sell links, and apparently Kevin is threatening to do the same with Tailrank:
    Update: Link buying and other behav…

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