MySQL Camp Notes: MySQL Core Kernel

I’m taking notes from the MySQL core kernel talk:

The core has an architecture like:

Storage Layer

The storage layer has a Handler and Handlerton. Handlers are the real storage engines but Handlerton is new in MySQL 5.1.

On startup MySQL calls main() and then a plugin init.

The plugin has a UDF handler for user defined functions. It also has a fulltext handler which was originally written for CNET. The fulltext handler allows one to parse out all BLOBs sent to the database. This seems like a cool way to add Lucene support to any type of MySQL storage engine.

There’s a new super cool plugin named Daemon which one can use to embed daemons within MySQL. For example someone embedded Apache as a Daemon plugin so that you could get “show processlist” as XML via HTTP. The were going to call this raw but it was too confusing (it actually uses lighthttpd not Apache).

It looks like you can do this all at runtime. You can add a daemon and start it dynamically. Cool! Wonder how this is done.

(note. I was called away and missed a good chunk of the talk)

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