Kinkless GTD is Awesome

Kinkless GTD for OS X is pretty sweet (if you’re a Getting things Done fan of course).

For starters it’s a native OS X app which is 80% of the problem. It’s also GTD aware so projects have real ‘next actions’ as well as contexts. You can click on the Actions context and view all next actions by context.

The concept of the next action was one of the things that sold me on GTD. This allows me to track long term projects which are a long set of chained actions with dependencies. GTD allows me to plow through a project over a long time frame and not lose track of what I’ve accomplished.

Unfortunately it requires OmniOutliner PRO so you have to throw down $65 which is a bit expensive for an organizer. Of course if it does the job right it ends up paying for itself.

I’m sure OmniOutliner is a great application but for right now it’s overkill.


  1. Omni and the creator of KGTD are collaborating on a new app that’s designed specifically as a time management tool. Might be worthwhile to wait and not toss down $65 for Outliner if what you really want is kGTD.

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