Michael Crook: Please Send me a Fake DMCA!

Hey Michael Crook. Could you do me a favor? Please send me a fake DMCA takedown notice like you sent BoingBoing and Laughing Squid? I’m going to auction it off on eBay and give the proceeds to the EFF!

I kind off feel sorry for this guy though. He’s feeling the full wrath of the Internets!


Update: Youtube is pathetic. They took the video offline without doing any research into whether the DMCA claim was valid.

I wonder if there’s a mirror.

What a joke. It seems way too easy to get a video taken offline with just a faux DMCA request.

Update 2:

I found a copy of the video here and I’ve mirrored a copy as well.

I’ve also told Six Apart to keep a heads up on a pending fake DMCA takedown notice.

Update 3: I sent a friend over at Youtube an FYI about this and they put it back into production within 5 minutes! Wow. Awesome!

  1. unknown

    Thats great, i hope he does send you one, i’d laugh so hard..

  2. Carl

    How sad that even though he’s well known and it is generally understood that his claims are bogus ISPs are still afraid to post his interview.

    YouTube supposedly put the video back up but now it’s down again.

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