The one thing I HATE about Firefox 2.0

imagesWhat’s up with this?

When I select a tab it highlights the text inside the tab?

That’s sooooooooo ugly! I thought it was a bug they were planning on fixing but it made it into the final. Yuk.


  1. I thought that had something to do with “usability” or that’s what I heard/read somewhere. Anyways, I’m loving the unofficial optimized Mac release. It’s mad fast like anything-but-Comcast broadband.

  2. Jeffrey McManus

    The behavior was way better in 1.5 because you could click to select the tab, then hit the Tab key to cycle through all the open tabs. Somebody fix this with an extension!

  3. Try the Mac themes at

    Much nicer and more consistent UI than the default theme.

  4. I only get that box when i’ve clicked twice on the tab. It seems to mean the tabs are in focus and can then be navigated between using the arrow keys. Clicking on the document body returns the focus to where you expect it.

    .:. jeremy
    p.s. this blog sw doesn’t accept URLs beginning with https. :P

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