Tailrank Browser Share (Firefox 2.0 vs IE 7.0)

Check this out… Firefox 2.0 is edging out IE 7.0. IE 6.0 is still beating out all of Firefox though.


  1. Looks good, but my guess is that FF’s lead is ony temporary – FF users are early adopters, early downloaders of new software, but there are few of us like that. IE users upgrade slowly, but there are a whole lot more of them. Give it a month and then post a report. I’m putting $100 on IE7, unfortunately.

  2. Otis… yeah. I agree. Once Microsoft “flips the switch” then we’ll see IE 7.0 have a big chunk of market share swing towards IE 7.0 (which is a good thing). I think Firefox 1.5 has the auto-upgrade feature too. Not sure if they’ll flip this switch.

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