More Features or Better Execution?

CNET has a great review of RSS readers. Some of these really puzzle me. For example they have keyboard shortcuts on their grid but don’t have measured page load times. Page load time is much more important for users than keyboard shortcuts!

This really boils down to the feature set vs execution dilemma. Every startup has limited time. Is it better to implement a new feature or work on execution? It’s really just a zero sum game unfortunately. I think Tailrank 2.0 was more about execution than about feature set. We really spent a lot of time on fit and finish. Bloglines did a much better job on execution than Rojo (IMO). We spent far too long trying to innovate on features. Of course that was more than two years ago and hindsight is 20/20.

The new execution leader in the space is Google Reader. They’re doing a pretty good job. They need to speed it up a bit though.

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