Tailrank 2.0 Baby!

We just finished releasing Tailrank 2.0. Man this has been a lot of work. Seriously the last six months were pretty heads down.

I’m probably going to have to organize a party now since we’ve never really had one.

  1. Hey Kevin, the site looks great, I can’t wait to check everything out.

  2. Congratulation Kevin.

    The hard six months probably explains why you looked like a zombie when i bumped in to you at BarCamp San Fran.

    Good work, and being back down in Australia, I might have to give the party a miss :)

    Well done.


  3. Grats Kevin! Love the new features, great job with the relaunch — I know how fun they are. ;)

    Drop me a line to catch up if you ever find a sec.

  4. BTW …. thanks guys :)

  1. 1 Nick Bradbury

    Tailrank 2.0

    The new Tailrank looks great! Kudos to Kevin Burton for the excellent upgrade.

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