Hans Reiser Charged with Murder

Good god. Hans Reiser (the father of ReiserFS and a major Linux kernel contributor) has been arrested and charged with murder.

I blogged about this a few weeks ago and was hoping that his wife was just missing and not actually hurt.

Open source software developer Hans Reiser, the creator of the widely used ReiserFS filesystem, was arrested yesterday and charged with murder. Police say he is the prime suspect in the disappearance and alleged murder of his wife, Nina Reiser. The separated couple had struggled with bitter marital disputes since 2004 and were involved in a pending divorce at the time of his wife’s disappearance last month. Although a body has not yet been located, Oakland police say they have gathered enough circumstantial evidence to justify an arrest. The arrest follows a second search of the software developer’s home conducted by the police in cooperation with the FBI.

At this point, the nature of the evidence still hasn’t been revealed, a body hasn’t been located, and the basis for the charge has yet to be publicly disclosed. The validity of the police’s allegations will be easier to judge when more information is made available. Those with information about the disappearance of Nina Reiser are invited to report it to the authorities by visiting the Help Find Nina Reiser web site.

Apparently Nina Reiser is still classified as missing and there’s a $15k reward.

Let’s hope she’s found alive and well.

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