Is Youtube the Picasa of Video?

Picasa, Analytics, Blogger. Google isn’t exactly known for successful acquisitions. How much do you want to bet that they’re going to crush Youtube? I hope they pull it off of course but they don’t have the best history here.

Yahoo has a much better track record. Upcoming, Flickr, and Delicious are all doing very well even months after acquisition.

If I were selling out I’d want to go to Yahoo. Then of course Google has that super cool cluster architecture.

  1. Heh. Is that a hint? :-)

  2. Hint? Nah. I’m playing hard to get ;)


  3. “Picasa, Analytics, Blogger. Google isn’t exactly known for successful acquisitions.”

    I am a bit surprised that you say that Kevin. Isn’t Blogger the most used free blogging platform out there? How is that not sucessful?

    Analytics – It may not be perfect, but for a free statistic program, do you know of a better one that is as widely used?

    No comment on Picasa.

    It will definately be interesting to watch and see how youtube works with google as it has been fun to read what folks think will happen.

    Love Tailrank and continued best wishes with it.

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