New York Sun Breaks their Permalinks

Check this out.

Won’t work unless you actually click on the link from their site. If you just type it into your browser or IM it to your friend it won’t work.

A story from the NY Sun was just promoted to Tailrank and but the URL doesn’t work which means I might have to remove it from the system (which I hate doing).

Why don’t these big sites get the web? It’s not that hard.

For about 1.5 months Comedy Central had a podcast that didn’t work. The USA Today had URLs that would break on all mobile devices (redirecting to the root of the site). the NYTimes literally requires you to pay for content which means they’re not in Google.

The web is the future guys. Pay attention!

  1. Michael M.

    “Why don’t these big sites get the web?”

    The NY Sun is a “big” site? Dude, I think you just boosted the ego of a decidedly 2nd-tier operation!

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