Woz on Colbert

Check out Woz on Colbert…….

He missed out on a big joke here. Colbert said they were like the Adam and Eve of the computer industry. Woz should have came back and said “No, Adam and Steve.”

That said. Is it just me or does Woz come across as an idiot here? Maybe he was just nervous. (Flame away Apple fanboys!)

  1. Kevin,

    I’m not part of the Woz-nation, and not an IT-soul, either, but I was watching the Colbert interview when Woz sat down. Like you, I found him to be a fraction of the ‘repuation’ that preceeds him when he was speaking in person. Not funny, not even in the ‘inside geeks will get it’ sort of way, not charming (in the disarming rich guy done god goofy teddy bear sort of way), and not the least bit comfortable (in the ‘I’ve been on stage a billion times’ sort of way).


    I think he could have nailed this one…but sadly he came across less intriguing than Gates in the personality factor when he shoud have been a natural.

    “think:lab” blog

  2. He was great when we had him on Buzz Out Loud! Very smart and funny. Heck, I think anyone would be terrified to go on TV and go up against Colbert. Maybe it’s just a different audience than what he’s used to.

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