LazyWeb Open Source?

Here’s a crazy idea. Why isn’t there a way to make source code really easy to share. For example I have a few classes written in Java that do some pretty crazy things that I just know some developer somewhere is going to need.

I just needed bi-directional regular expression support. Then I remembered that the standard java.util.regex doesn’t support findBackward() then I realized that I wrote an implementation about a year ago in a BiDirectionalMatcher class.

I have a bunch of small classes like this. I have a Base64+filesafe implementation, java image type detection, a porter stemmer, etc. I don’t want to release full OSS projects for small packages but I’d like to post these on a blog somewhere so that people can find it via Google.

I’ve ended up putting a bunch of code in Feedparser but this doesn’t really scale. It turns out there aren’t any ISO 8601 date parsers for Java and Feedparser provides a pretty solid implementation. Doesn’t make sense to pull in a whole RSS parser just to get date parsing capability.

Maybe just a Trac install where I paste the code into the wiki…

  1. If they’re small, why not just paste code snippets into a blog entry?

  2. Check out

    It’s like for code. You add, you tag, it’s shared. Over 2000 snippets already on there, and gets about 200k visitors per month (mostly through Google where it ranks extremely well).

    There are a number of similar sites based on the same code.

  3. Sure there is – put the code on your blog & let Google index it. Seriously…. the number of referrers I get looking for a specific code sample is amaxing.

  4. how about krugle? i think that’s what it’s for…

  5. Does Krugle have an “index this page” submission feature? Seems like a good way to get the word out.

  6. have you checked out

    although, I’m not seeing anything on their site for posting code – only searching.

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