is bigger than Digg and Apples taste different than Oranges!

According to Techcrunch is bigger than Digg:

Digg, by comparison, reported last month that it has a half million registered users. While came online in late 2003, Digg launched in December of 2004. That means that had 300k users in its first two years and Digg has 500k in its first two years. The impact of the Yahoo! acquisition has also been big, though – with gaining more than 600k in the last 9 months.

In other words, for all its high profile expansion, the impact of being acquired by Yahoo! may have brought more users to than everything Digg’s done for itself so far. In some ways the sites are very different and used for different purposes, but the comparison is interesting.

Apples and oranges Marshall. This isn’t a story. When Yahoo acquires a company it can do cross promotion across products driving more traffic to the newly adopted site and exposing it to a new audience. It’s essentially Internet marketing 101.

If Google were to buy Digg then this might be a valid perspective but while Digg is independent it’s just the wrong comparison.

  1. If is different from digg because it has been acquired by Yahoo, then you’re just emphasing TechCrunch’s view. They’re showing Yahoo’s impact on

    When I saw the heading of this post, I thought you were going to talk about how different the audience is of digg from

    In my view, what you’re really saying is that genetically modified Oranges taste different from naturally grown Oranges! (Oranges vs Oranges)

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