Testa Motors and Hot Electric Cars

I was watching Who Killed the Electric Car last night and saw a quick reference to Tesla Motors.

I seem to remember reading about them a few months back on Silicon Beat and it looks like they have a new website:

Tesla Motors, the Silicon Valley start-up building a mass-market electric sportscar, has raised $40 million in a third round of venture capital from a bunch of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and other gearheads you’d expect in this sort of deal.

They include the wealthy co-founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who have owned Prius’, but who are now probably looking to upgrade.

Now I really want this thing. I really want to buy a Porsche Cayman but just couldn’t stand to have it guzzle oil.

Some people have been modding their Honda Prius to support plugin charging which takes it from a hybrid to a hybrid++ which can apparently get 100Mpg.

No matter what GM does I’m never going to buy a car from them. The way they crushed the EV1 is just so offensive. Worst PR mistake ever.

Just Look at this beauty… Hopefully this thing is less than six figures.


  1. Electric cars in california are generally fueled off of natural gas and nuclear power with quite a bit of transmission loss. I’m not sure why they are considered better for the environment.

  2. Actually most of the evidence shows that having centralized power generation is beneficial since more efficient waste reduction can be used.


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