Is Bitacle a Ripoff of Netvibes?

It looks like Bitacle has started aggregating my RSS feed and spamming me with trackbacks every time they’re indexing my content.

I took a look at their english site and it looks like they just ripped off the ajax code from Netvibes.

A few other bloggers have noticed this as well.

They’re even too cheap to build their own logo… very strange.

Anyone know what’s going on here? I sent an email to Netvibe’s CEO to see what he says.

  1. Hi Kevin!
    I’m curious of the licensing of Bitacle. It says it’s under a Creative Commons License. Can you rip something off and re-purpose the license without ramifications? I’d think no. I wonder why they did that. Do you have any thoughts? By the way there are other copycats, but nothing as explicit.

  2. Yeah… I also just got a trackback from them,.. of course I follow it to see whos linking me and then it lead me to your site…

    Im just wondering.. is this good or bad?


  3. Just report their AdSense violation, that’ll finish them off. Instructions here.

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